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Duke of Edinburgh Walk

Early in the morning of 7th November, a group of Y10 students braved the wintry and stormy weather to take part in a Duke of Edinburgh walk from Edale to Bamford.

The students met at Sheffield train station and took a train to Edale. They then had to walk up a really steep path to cross over the hill into Castleton. Despite really high winds and rain, which made it difficult to walk at times, the students battled through the mud and made it to the bottom of the hill. At that point, the sun came out and the students enjoyed eating their packed lunches in a field of sheep. After lunch, we crossed over the road and followed the river along to Bamford. It began to rain really hard again but the students continued on, despite being soaking wet and muddy! After walking for at least 12 kilometres, the students reached the station and relaxed.

They all enjoyed themselves and none of them moaned, despite the really difficult conditions. We were really proud of them.

[Mrs Greenwood – DofE co-ordinator]

Article Published : 27/11/2015