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5 Star Learners

In September, the new 5 Star Learners strategy was introduced at Secondary Phase.

Every child has different talents and abilities, but what we expect is that everyone:

  • Tries hard and shows a great attitude to school
  • Is ready to learn every day
  • Attends school every day

The 5 Star Learners strategy is designed to do a range of things:

  • Explain to students the school behaviours that lead to success; learning in lessons, being a great school citizen, and good attendance
  • To give students regular feedback against the 5 Star Learner criteria
  • To regularly reward and celebrate students who score highly and tell their parents/carers
  • To publish progress reports for students each half term to keep parents/carers informed
  • To quickly identify the small number of students who score poorly and begin to put in place plans for improvement
  • To encourage every student to become 5 Star in every aspect of their school life
  • To give every student a fresh start at the beginning of a new half term and to encourage them to do even better or maintain their standards.

5 Star Ready to Learn

All our students need to arrive at lessons ready to learn and Form Tutors are working with them during period 1 on the key areas. Each half term, students will also receive a 5 Star Ready to Learn score from their Form Tutors based on these areas:

  • Punctuality to school/lessons
  • Equipment
  • Uniform
  • Learning in period 1
  • Focus in assembly
  • Movement around school
  • Resolving any issues

5 Star Rewards

Every student scoring an average of 4.0 or higher, across all their teachers in one half term, receives a certificate and a badge, as well as a reward and privileges. So far, students have enjoyed:

  • Bowling trip
  • Film afternoon
  • Early lunches
  • Computer access at lunch
  • Postcard home
  • Period 1 reward time

We are extremely pleased to see that the number of students with a 5 Star Learner average of 4.0 or higher has increased each half term.

 5 Star Attendance

We will shortly be extending the 5 Star strategy to include attendance. We want every child to achieve to their full potential and so need them to be in school as much as possible. Students should aim to be in school 100% of the time and at the very least, 95% of the time.

Are you a 5 Star Learner? Do you do any of these things?

  • Go to revision classes
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities; attending a club or representing the school
  • Help, be kind and supportive of other students
  • Ask for more work when finished
  • Ask useful questions
  • Ask for extra homework and work for holidays


Article Published : 1/12/2015